Principles of Mechanics and Extension to Finite Element Analysis

This is a three day course covering the fundamentals of mechanics of solids and their extensions to finite element analysis techniques. It will be of interest to engineers and managers working in design using stress analysis techniques.

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to cover the fundamentals of mechanics of solids, as covered in undergraduate engineering programmes, and to show how this fundamental understanding should be used in interpreting finite element analysis results.

Days 1 and 2 focus on the fundamentals of mechanics of solids covered in undergraduate engineering programmes – force equilibrium, calculation of stresses (axial, bending, torsion and shear), calculation and measurement of strain, stress & strain transformations (Mohr’s Circle, principal directions, stress/strain combination measures), deflections. Day 3 extends these principles, through a series of analysis models, to the interpretation and understanding of finite element analysis results.

The course is run in an interactive format with multiple worked examples over 3 days (consecutive or 1 day per week over a 3 week period).

Course Material

Comprehensive course material is provided in electronic format to all attendees. These include derivation of fundamental principles, multiple worked examples and course problems.

Course Fee

The course fee is €1400 per person for courses run in our offices. This includes all training material, light refreshments and lunches each day.

The course can also be offered at your offices. The course fee (number attending is unlimited) is €5000 plus expenses incurred (travel, subsistence and accommodation). For this option please contact for more information and specific arrangements.

Agenda and Topics Covered

Day 1 09:00 – 17:00

  • Force & Moment Equilibrium
  • Concepts of Stress & Strain
  • Beams in Bending (shear force and bending moment diagrams, bending & shear stresses)

Day 2 09:00 – 17:00

  • Torsion & Shear Stresses
  • Deflection of Beams
  • Stress & Strain in 2D/3D
  • Stress & Strain Transformations (Mohr’s Circle analysis of stress/strain)
  • Principal Stresses & Principal Strains

Day 3 09:00 – 17:00

  • Introduction to Finite Element Stress Analysis (using ANSYS)
  • Interpretation of Normal, Shear & Principle Stresses
  • Buckling Analysis (Eigenvalue & Large Deflection)
  • Tailored Applications

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