Optimisation with ANSYS OptiSlang

In this seminar we teach how to use the software optiSLang for ANSYS to obtain an optimised design. First of all we give you some useful hints to set up the parametrised model. After that we demonstrate with the help of little examples how you can define sensitivity studies to understand the influence of the chosen parameters on your design. With this knowledge you are able to optimise your system. Once you found the parameter set resulting in an optimal design we teach how to do a so called robust design analysis to be able to judge about the failure probability of your optimised system depending on the scattering of the parameters coming from reality. Finally we use the discussed knowledge of the seminar to fit with help of reverse engineering simulation parameter to experimental results.

The course is run in an interactive format over one day and includes many worked examples.


1 Day

Course Aims

Teach the basics of ANSYS in the following areas:

  • Parametrisation
    • Parameters in geometry, material, boundary conditions, mesh, APDL and Excel
    • Hints for a reasonable parametrisation
    • Tips und tricks for a universally valid definition
    • Geometry precheck
  • Sensitivity studies
    • Correlation matrices
    • Optimisation potential
    • Identification of the most important parameters
  • Performing optimisation tasks
    • Overview of the optimisation algorithms
    • Examples for optimisation
  • Robustness Evaluation
    • Definition of input distributions
    • Evaluation of the sigma-level
  • Reverse Engineering
    • Definition of the task
    • Fitting of the simulation parameters
Course Material

Training manuals are provided to all course attendees. The training manual is an exact copy of the material used during the two day course. Worked examples are fully documented in a Workshop Supplement which is also provided. Copies of all workshop files are also available to enable course attendees re-analyse course examples following completion of the Introduction to ANSYS Course.

Included in Course Fee
  • All training material
  • Light refreshments during both days
  • Lunches on both days


ANSYS, Simulation, Software, FEM, CAE