Introduction to Design of Composite Structures

ESAComp is an analysis and design software for layered composite structures. It is a tool for both beginners and experts that helps to
understand the behavior of composite strcutures. It is focused on the early phases of the design process as a tool for material selection, concept design, lay-up design and pre-deminsioning. It comes with an extensive material database. Structural elements like stiffened panels and cylindrical shells can be effiently used to make the initial design. ESAComp can also be used after FE analysis for detailed assesments and for improving laminate lay-ups. Material and laminate data can be exchanged with ANSYS products. The morning session of the interactive training seminar covers the following topics:

  • ESAComp working environment and material database
  • Material properties for composite materials
  • Working with laminates
  • Laminate basic analyses
  • Composite design with structural elements
  • FE export to ANSYS products

ANSYS Composite PrepPost (ACP) is the new ANSYS Workbench integrated module for layered composites. It can also be used
in combination with ANSYS Mechanical APDL. ACP offers novel concepts and practical tools that allow easy and efficient definition
and modification of composite design. It utilizes the ANSYS element and solver technology. A wide array of post processing tools
are available to investigate and understand the composite specific results and estimate the risk of failure. The afternoon covers the following ACP specific topics:

  • Design workflow
  • ACP concepts and pre-processing tools
  • Draping
  • Failure Criteria and Failure Mode Definition
  • Postprocessing using ACP
  • Support for Solid Modeling

The course will give the attendees an overview of composite design process using ESAComp and ACP. It gives a basis for starting a hands-on evaluation of the products.


ANSYS, Simulation, Software, FEM, CAE