Introduction to ANSYS Maxwell

Simulation of Electromagnetic Fields with ANSYS Maxwell

This seminar is aimed at all who want to learn about the simulation of electromagnetic and electromechanical applications. The simulation of inductive components for energy transfer and signal conditioning in ANSYS Maxwell is practiced in hands-on applications, such as transformers and coils. Another module of the seminar is the modeling of electromechanical transducers, which are investigated as motors, sensors and actuators (solenoids, folding relays).

As this training class does not require any simulation knowledge, it is ideal starting point to get in touch with magnetic simulation !

Day 1

  • introduction into EM simulation

  • data structure and modeling

  • static field simulation (force, torque, inductance)

  • parametric and data evaluation

  • eddy current effect and loss calculations


  • full transient magnetic simulation

  • motion effects

  • best praxis meshing and sensor applications

  • magnetization / demagnetization effects

Hands on Examples

  • solenoid / magnetic valve

  • transformer

  • synchronous machine (performance & loss)

  • BLDC-motor


Electrical engineers designing actuators and sensors
Electric motor designers
Mechatronics system developers
Students (electrical engineering)


ANSYS, Simulation, Software, FEM, CAE