Introduction to ANSYS DesignModeler

DesignModeler is a tool for importing CAD models for pre- processing before engineering analysis. It is especially useful for geometry simplification/modification, preparation, meshing and parametric feature-based modelling.

This course is intended for ANSYS users who intend to undertake geometry preparation ahead of meshing and CFD/FEA analysis.

Module 1: Core Skills
Module 2: Geometry Creation and Modeling
Module 3: Geometry Cleanup, Modification
Module 4: Parameterization
Module 5: Beam and Shell Modeling
Module 6: Modeling for CFD

Workshop 1.1: DesignModeler Basics
Workshop 1.2CFD: Enclosure
Workshop 1.2FEA: Pattern
Workshop 2.1: Sketching
Workshop 2.2: Modeling
Workshop 3.1CFD: Design Modeler Geometry Cleanup and Repair
Workshop 3.1FEA: Design Modeler Geometry Cleanup and Repair
Workshop 4.1CFD: Parametric Mixing Tank
Workshop 4.1FEA: Automotive Aero
Workshop 5.1: Design Modeler Beam and Shell Modeling
Workshop 5.2: Bracket
Workshop 5.3: Beam Modeling
Workshop 5.4: Shell Modeling
Workshop 6.1: 2D Conical Combustion Chamber
Workshop 6.2: Pulley



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