From CAD to mesh generation for analysis, ANSYS ICEM CFD  provides sophisticated geometry acquisition, mesh generation, mesh editing, a wide variety of solver outputs and post-processing. ANSYS ICEM CFD is the only Universal pre-processor for analysis including FEA, CFD and other CAE applications such as particle transport and computational electro-magnetics. Used for engineering applications such as computational fluid dynamics and structural analysis, ANSYS ICEM CFD’s mesh generation tools offer the capability to parametrically create grids from geometry in multi-block structured, unstructured hexahedral, tetrahedral, hybrid grids consisting of hexahedral, tetrahedral, pyramidal and prismatic cells; and Cartesian grid formats combined with boundary conditions. ANSYS ICEM CFD is the swiss army knife of meshing, our product vision is to provide a variety of flexible tools that can generate “any” type of mesh on “any” type of geometry for “any” solver or “any” application.


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