ANSYS Icepak

ANSYS Icepak


For more than a decade, leading companies around the world have relied on ANSYS Icepak to provide robust and powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for electronics thermal management. Based on the state-of-the-art ANSYS FLUENT CFD solver, ANSYS Icepak software has a streamlined user interface that speaks the language of electronics design engineers, enabling the rapid creation of models of complex electronic assemblies. The software automatically generates highly accurate, conformal meshes that represent the true shape of electronic components, and simulations include fluid flow and all modes of heat transfer – conduction, convection and radiation – for both steady-state and transient thermal-flow simulations. By predicting fluid flow and heat transfer at the component, board or system level, ANSYS Icepak improves design performance, reduces the need for physical prototypes and shortens time-to-market in the highly competitive electronics industry.

  • Icepak Objects
  • Flexible and Automatic Meshing
  • Advanced Numerical Solver
  • Results Visualisation
  • Automated Delphi Package Characterisation
  • Automatic Computation of Thermal Conductivity
  • Joule Heating Multiphysics
  • Thermal Stress Multiphysics
  • Macro Customisation
  • Icepak Libraries
  • ROM with Simplorer
  • DoE with DX
  • Cloud Solution
  • Multiphysics with Icepak and HFSS
  • Multiphysics with Icepak and Maxwell
  • Multiphysics with Icepak and Q3D Extractor

Download the ANSYS Capabilities 17.2 Chart (PDF).

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