Rocky DEM 4.3 Is Now Available

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Register for this free webinar to learn about all the new features of Rocky DEM 4.3:

• Embedded advanced CGM (coarse grain model)
• Liquid film and liquid bridge model
• Plastic fiber deformation
• Discrete particle breakage
• Volume filling particle initialization
• Unified particle and boundary collision statistics
• Contact data visualization and post-processing
• Ray tracing for particle coating analysis

Dr. Rakulan Sivanesapillai, Expert Modeling Formulation Processes at Bayer AG, emphasizes the importance of this new release into his existing modelling process:

“The ability of Rocky DEM to handle true particle shape, combined with the native support for multi-GPU, has enabled Bayer to model full-scale equipment and processes, providing details from particle level through innovative intra-particle collision statistics functionality, up to the whole system. This allows Bayer to simultaneously optimize both its coating-process efficiency and product quality.”


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