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FKM inside ANSYS

The FKM guideline is a standard developed by the Research Council of Mechanical Engineering (FKM) for various applications in mechanical engineering and other industries.

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Electric Drive Acoustics inside ANSYS

Specially developed for the simulation of electric motor noise and calculates the structure-borne noise level from the surface vibration of the housing, which is caused by the internal magnetic excitations.

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Bolt Assessment inside ANSYS

With Bolt Assessment inside ANSYS, a large number of screws, even in complex assemblies, can be assessed qualitatively and efficiently.

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MoldSim NL inside ANSYS

The MoldSim NL inside ANSYS solution developed by CADFEM combines the results of both simulation worlds in the interests of optimum product quality.

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Model Reduction inside ANSYS

The process of model simplification through Model Reduction inside ANSYS is considerably faster than a dynamic simulation based on the original data. Thus, this CADFEM ANSYS extension is a fast solver for transient and harmonic simulations.

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VDI Heat Atlas inside ANSYS

The VDI Heat Atlas is the acknowledged standard work for the design of technical apparatus and plants in process and energy technology.

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Tribo-X inside ANSYS

With Tribo-X inside ANSYS, the calculation of hydrodynamic radial plain bearings can be carried out comfortably and efficiently in ANSYS Mechanical.

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BIM inside ANSYS

With BIM inside ANSYS, the integration and adoption of 3D geometry and product data can be implemented comfortably and efficiently in ANSYS.

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