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ANSYS Discovery is a 3D design software product family that allows engineers to build smarter products, reduce time to market and decrease product development costs. Easy-to-use tools provide instant feedback, allowing users to rapidly iterate on concepts in real-time and improve product design performance in minutes.

Simulation for Design Engineers

Rapidly explore ideas, iterate and innovate with ANSYS Discovery 3D design software. With the easy-to-use tools, you can build and optimize lighter and smarter products.

Streamlined Product Development

Evaluate more concepts and rapidly gauge design performance through virtual design testing. You’ll speed up development and new product introduction.

Improved Product Performance

Delve deeper into your design’s details, with the same results accuracy as ANSYS flagship products — when and where you need it. Refine a concept and introduce multiple physics simulations to better account for real-world conditions.

Explore Discovery Live

Do you want to evaluate Discovery Live on your PC? We are pleased to provide a full version to you – for a 30 day period. The only pre-requisite is that you have a machine available with an NVIDIA-graphics card (Kepler Platform or newer) with a minimum of a 4 GB graphic card memory. If yes, please REGISTER here for the download.

Would you would like to get a feel for Discovery Live – with no installation at all and directly in your browser? In this case, you can go for the ANSYS “Cloud Trial“: After your registration via the Discovery forum, use the search key “Cloud Trial“ and you will be able to use Discovery Live in your Browser – for up to 2 hours.
Please note that it is not possible to analyse any imported geometries (please use our offer for an Amazon Cloud Machine for the same). The focus of Cloud Trial is to learn the first steps of using the new technology with the help of pre-defined examples.

Get more out of the ANSYS 3D Design products with our training courses.

For more information about 3D Design and what it can do to for you, call +353 (0) 1 676 37 65 (Ireland) or +44 (0) 208 256 0630 (UK)

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