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Ansys offers a comprehensive software suite that spans the entire range of physics, providing access to virtually any field of engineering simulation that a design process requires. CADFEM sells the complete Ansys program

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3D Design

The Ansys Discovery products from the 3D Design family are used in the earliest development phase. From a quick design check to a detailed look at a design. Simulation for every developer.

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LS-DYNA from Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LSTC) is a leading specialized software for the transient simulation of mechanical, highly nonlinear phenomena such as crash and forming processes. LS-DYNA has been marketed and supported by CADFEM since 1989.

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TwinMesh developed by CFX Berlin, for the first time, the time-varying flow volumes in the working space of rotational displacement machines can be automatically meshed with high-quality structured hexahedral meshes.

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ROCKY allows modeling of a virtually unlimited range of particles of different sizes, shapes and adhesion forces. On this basis, mixing, bulk, slip or flow processes as well as their effects on their environment can be simulated, analyzed and optimized.

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Motor-CAD is a software package for the design of electric motors and generators. Motor-CAD EMag, Motor-CAD Therm and Motor-CAD Lab.

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Ansys Granta

Every product is made from materials. You need to base your decisions and analysis on the right information about those materials. The ANSYS Granta product range can help.

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Amazon CADFEM Cloud

The Amazon CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud provides secure, flexible and immediate access to powerful CAE computing resources. For HPC and other compute-intensive applications.

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Ansys Academic

Ansys simulation software offers technologically leading solutions for undergraduate students, researchers and postgraduate students. The ideal simulation solution for universities.

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Engineering Tools from CADFEM for Ansys. The CADFEM Ansys extensions are engineering tools for ANSYS that allow additional functions.

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Ansys Cloud & Elastic Licensing

Ansys Cloud is a ready-to-use solution that is Ansys-tested and certified, and fully-supported by Ansys HPC and solver experts. Ansys Elastic Licensing is a flexible, pay-per-use licensing model that enables hourly based licensing for software, computing power and hardware.

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