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Motor-CAD is a software package for the design of electric motors and generators. Motor-CAD EMag, Motor-CAD Therm and Motor-CAD Lab are available to take into account the electromagnetic performance and cooling already in the design phase. All entries are defined using machine-specific input fields and supported with tried-and-tested default values. The behavior of a design in different application profiles is calculated in a few minutes, so that product developers can quickly play through different variants and gradually refine their design.

Motor-CAD Therm

The thermal studies in Motor-CAD are based on thermal networks, which makes the analysis extremely fast. All thermal resistances and capacitances are automatically calculated from the geometric dimensions of the defined design. The algorithms used support forced and free convection, liquid cooling, radiation and heat conduction. Depending on the given cooling mechanisms, suitable models for the heat transfer are automatically selected. The air gap model covers laminar and turbulent convection. An extensive library of typical components (housing, cooling method) and metrologically validated characteristics (eg influence of surfaces, manufacturing processes) ensure a fast, engineer-oriented definition of the analysis.

Engine CAD EMag

With Motor-CAD EMag, the performance of a variety of machine types can be investigated and improved. These include brushless permanent magnet machines, asynchronous machines, switched reluctance machines, synchronous reluctance machines and synchronous machines. User-friendly input masks define the geometry, winding scheme, control strategy, materials and cooling parameters. Typical test scenarios are predefined and consider both the magnetic and thermal properties of a design. The analyzes usually last only a few seconds and deliver, in addition to the field distributions, result graphs such as torque over speed or cogging torque over angle of rotation.

Motor CAD Lab

In order to represent various operating points of electrical machines, evaluation routines for the use of the machine are available in Motor-CAD Lab. Efficiency Maps show the efficiency over speed and torque. In combination with driving cycles or other load collectives, different application scenarios and the resulting temperature profiles can be determined, thereby assessing the suitability of the machine with regard to performance, efficiency and cooling for the intended use.

Motor-CAD Key Features Brochure

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