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Since 1997, we have built up our expertise though involvement in 3 successful European Projects (BLOODSIM, GEMSS, @neurIST), collaborations with research organisations and by providing expert consultancy to large medical device companies (such as Medtronic, Boston Scientific and Abbott Vascular). We also partner with smaller companies, in Ireland and abroad, providing a simulation service which compliments their design efforts resulting in robust, optimum designs within project timelines and costs

implanted_stentWe have a great deal of expertise in the simulation of both balloon expanded and self expanding stents. We have developed in-house tools which allows us to predict the behaviour of stents under various loading conditions. We have contributed work to several successful FDA submissions. We have developed a series of customised applications which allow stent designers to assess stent designs automatically. To find out more please contact us.

Apart from our expertise in intravascular devices, we have also developed expertise in the simulation of orthopaedic devices. Stresses in these devices can be accurately predicted under various loading and gait conditions and design modifications can be assessed efficiently and cost effectively. Optimum designs can thus be identified within cost and time constraints.

While our consultancy efforts to date have been aimed at Medical Device Designers, our medium term aim is to add clinicians to our customer list. Patient specific simulations are now possible. Scanned images can be processed efficiently and converted into CFD/FEA models which can be used for simulation. Interest in the clinical community has been very encouraging and we are hoping to start some research projects in early 2011.

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