Tribo-X inside ANSYS – CADFEM ANSYS Extension for the Analysis of Hydrodynamic Bearings

Running like Clockwork

The new CADFEM ANSYS Extension – Tribo-X inside ANSYS (TiA) allows engineers to easily perform hydrodynamic bearing analysis within ANSYS Mechanical.

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Main benefits
• Complete integration of Tribo-X inside ANSYS for the analysis of journal bearings
• Short run times due to the high performance of the Tribo-X solver
• Consideration of the elastic deformation of the bearing during operation
• Identification of rotational speed dependent bearing coefficients
• Parametric workflow enables to easily optimize the bearing

Mastering complexity
The structural behaviour of shafts with journal bearings depends to a high degree on the dynamic characteristics of the lubricant film in the bearings. An established method for the simulation of the lubricant film formation is elastohydrodynamics.

With Tribo-X inside ANSYS journal bearings can be analysed quickly and easily within ANSYS Mechanical.
The goal is the correct dimensioning of the bearings as well as the realistic consideration of speed dependent stiffness
and dampening effects within dynamic FE analysis.

Please refer to our Product Flyer which provides you with further information, also on the following topics and capabilities of Tribo-X inside ANSYS : 
• Coupling of hydrodynamics and FEA
• Journal bearing coefficients
• Cavitation and load capacity
• Bearing deformation (EHD)
• Parameter studies

Tribo-X inside ANSYS has been developed as part of our collaboration with the Chair of Machine Elements and Tribology of the Institute for Machine Design and ANSYS. 

Image: Hydrodynamic pressure distribution in ANSYS


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