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If you are a current ANSYS user, there are times when you could do with additional ANSYS licences for short bursts. This might be because you are sharing licences in a group, or because you need a capability which is not included in the version you have. Or you may want to speed up run times by temporarily adding HPC Packs.

And if you are running very large models, it might be beneficial to run them on massively parallel computers. With our CADFEM Amazon Cloud you can launch virtual machines with any number of cores and pretty much unlimited RAM and speed up your runs by orders of magnitude.

If you are not yet an ANSYS user, the software on demand model might offer you a low cost way to try simulation to improve your product development. And our CADFEM Amazon Cloud service means you can simply rent the hardware you need and only pay for what you use.

Join us for this 30 minute webinar, when we will give you

  • An overview of our eCADFEM services and how it can benefit you and your organisation
  • An overview of CADFEM Amazon Cloud
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