ANSYS Explicit STR

Newly introduced in ANSYS 12.0, ANSYS Explicit STR software is the first explicit dynamics product to use the native ANSYS Workbench environment. It is based on the Lagrangian portion of the full ANSYS AUTODYN solver. The technology will appeal to those who require nonlinear dynamics simulation of solids, liquids, gases and their interactions. In addition, it will appeal to users who can benefit from the productivity provided by other applications integrated within the ANSYS Workbench environment. Those who have previous experience using the ANSYS Workbench environment will find that they already know most of what is needed to use ANSYS Explicit STR.

ANSYS Explicit STR is well suited for solving:

  • Drop tests (electronics and consumer goods)
  • Low- to high-speed solid-to-solid impacts (applications from sporting goods to aerospace)
  • Highly nonlinear plastic buckling events (manufacturing processes)
  • Complete material failure applications (defense and homeland security)
  • Breakable contact, such as adhesives or spot welds (electronics and automotive)



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