ANSYS AUTODYN is a uniquely versatile explicit analysis tool for modeling the non-linear dynamics of solids, fluids, gas and their interaction. Our focus is on providing the most advanced capability in the form of a very robust tool, backed up by first class support.

With a fully integrated, easy to use graphical user interface in the ANSYS Workbench Platform, ANSYS AUTODYN offers:

  • Finite element solvers for computational structural dynamics (FE)
  • Finite volume solvers for fast transient Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Mesh free particle solvers for high velocities, large deformation and fragmentation (SPH)
  • Multi-solver coupling for multi-physics solutions including coupling between FE, CFD and SPH
  • A wide suite of material models incorporating constitutive response and coupled thermodynamics
  • Serial and parallel computation on shared and distributed memory systems
  • Access to powerful geometry and meshing tools standard available through the ANSYS Workbench platform
  • Bi-directional connectivity to parametric ANSYS DesignModeler and CAD models



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