Information Day : Simulation of Electric Machines


This event will mark the beginning of a close partnership between Motor Design Ltd (MDL) and CADFEM. The two companies share a passion for Simulation Driven Product Development and a commitment to the notion that Simulation is More than Software. The combination of software [Motor-CAD and ANSYS] and expert services provide by MDL and CADFEM will allow our customers to develop better motors in less time.

MDL is a world leader in developing advanced software and tools for designing electrical machines. Our software, Motor-CAD, is recognised worldwide as class-leading motor design software. We use our expert knowledge of designing electric motors to provide software support to electric machine designers at some of the most prestigious aerospace, automotive and industrial companies worldwide.

CADFEM is one of the largest European suppliers of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and is the ANSYS Channel Partner in several countries. We are experts in simulation across all physics – mechanics, fluids, electromagnetics, systems… We sell and support the full ANSYS portfolio and help our customers to exploit the full benefits of simulation in their product development.

We will present how Motor-CAD can be used to quickly and easily perform electromagnetic and thermal performance tests on electric motor designs. We will show how ANSYS can be used to bring calculations of electromagnetic performance, cooling to the next level of accuracy and to predict and minimise noise and vibration. And we will demonstrate how these two powerful tools can be integrated seamlessly withing the ANSYS Workbench Environment.


Begin: 10:00 am. End: 2:00 pm

Reception and introduction of MDL and CADFEM


  • EMAG: a fast 2D finite element module for accurate electromagnetic and electrical performance predictions
  • THERMAL: Combines a lumped circuit and finite element thermal calculation for optimising the cooling system of a machine.
  • LAB:Provides efficiency mapping and duty cycle / drive cycle transient outputs within minutes


  • Vibration and Noise prediction using ANSYS Mechanical
  • Evaluation of Improved Cooling Concepts with ANSYS CFD
  • Detailed magnetic loss and performance calculations with ANSYS Maxwell

Integration of Motor-CAD and ANSYS

  • Motor Design Geometry
  • Integration with ANSYS Mechnical, CFD, Maxwell

Live Demonstration

Conclusions – questions and discussion

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