Date : Wednesday, 5th June 2019 Time : 12:00

Venue : Online


Enhancing equipment design efficiency with Rocky DEM

This webinar will guide you through the key industrial processes through multiphase modeling using Rocky DEM.

How can process manufacturers address the challenges of process design? The most efficient equipment is designed based on accurate and reliable predictions.

We’ll cover the best practices of equipment design in industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical material handling, and mining. We’ll  help you achieve the best strategic foresight based on  successful enhancement studies performed by leading companies worldwide.

Every detail can make a difference. Rocky DEM takes into account the most comprehensive and accurate DEM calculations.

Additionally,  coupling between DEM and CFD, and DEM and FEA are promising approaches that broaden the applicability of numerical simulation in processes that require complex multiphysics evaluations.

Today, with the combination of these features, enhancing the efficiency of industrial processes is a promising approach for manufacturers.


    • The challenges in designing industrial equipment
    • The benefits of particle simulation (shape, accuracy, speed)
    • Rocky – ANSYS coupling functionality
      • DEM – CFD
      • DEM – FEA
    • Best practices:
      • Separation equipment
      • Blending equipment
      • Evaporation and drying equipment
      • Heat exchange equipment
      • Pharmaceutical processes
      • Packing processes
    • Live Q&A


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