Date : Tuesday, 16th June 2020 Time : 09:30

Venue : Online


Nonlinear Controls for Structural Analysis using Ansys Workbench Mechanical

Duration: 0.5 day


The course consists of a continuous workshop, in which students will replicate what the lecturer is doing interactively. Students are encouraged to ask questions as the workshop proceeds.

For virtual courses, students are encouraged to work on local machines, though we can provide access to machines on the cloud, via our portal to Amazon Web Services. Temporary licence files can be provided for student machines for the duration of the course. A test session may be arranged for students to test the viability of their internet connection.


  • Analysis Settings

Newton Raphson technique

Step controls

Solver controls

Solver type

Large deflection

Restart controls

Nonlinear controls

Unsymmetric N-R option


Output controls

Analysis Data Management

Solver units

Files for MAPDL

  • Solution Information

Solution Output

Solver output

Convergence graphs

Newton-Raphson Residual plots

Element violation plots

Connection visibility

Result trackers

Plot trackers

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