Date : Thursday, 19th September 2019 Time : 09:30

Venue : CADFEM London


Introduction to ANSYS Meshing CFD

ANSYS Meshing is a component of ANSYS Workbench (WB) that combines and builds on the strengths of preprocessing offerings from ANSYS (ICEM CFD, TGRID etc).

It allows the user to adapt and create meshes for different physics and solvers through a direct link to other WB systems.

This training course will focus on the application of ANSYS Meshing for use in CFD applications.



Module 1: Core Skills
Module 2: Meshing Methods
Module 3: Global Mesh Controls
Module 4: Local Mesh Controls
Module 5: Mesh Quality & Advanced Topics

Workshop 1.1_CFD: ANSYS Meshing Basics
Workshop 2.1_CFD: ANSYS Meshing Methods
Workshop 3.1_CFD: Global Mesh Controls
Workshop 4.1_CFD: Local Mesh Controls
Workshop 5.1_CFD: Mixing Tank
Workshop 5.2_CFD: Automotive External Aero
Workshop 5.3_CFD: 2D Conical Combustion Chamber
Workshop 5.4_CFD: Assembly Meshing
Workshop 5.5_CFD: Meshing of Manifold Model

CADFEM can recommend to ANSYS users to attend the 1-day Meshing Introductory Course before doing the Introductory to ANSYS or Introductory to CFX/FLUENT.

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