Date : Wednesday, 23rd October 2019 Time : 09:30

Venue : CADFEM Dublin


“An excellent way of learning to get the most out of a very powerful tool" - Robert Connolly, Hydraulic Design Engineer, Sulzer Pump Solutions Ireland Ltd.

Image: Complex multi-part 3D meshing with ICEM CFD tetra (courtesy ANSYS)

ANSYS ICEM CFD is a high end, high fidelity meshing application which can take the model from any geometry to any solver, in one modern and fully scriptable environment. This 3 day interactive training coursecovers the following topics.

Course Contents

Lecture 1: Introduction to ANSYS ICEM CFD
Lecture 2: Geometry Handling
Lecture 3: Shell Meshing
Lecture 4: Unstructured Volume Meshing
Lecture 5: Prism Meshing
Lecture 6: Mesh Preparation Before Output to Solver
Lecture 7: Output to Solver
Lecture 8: Hexa Meshing
Lecture Appx 1: Additional General Capabilities
Lecture Appx 2: Additional Geometry Tools
Lecture Appx 3: Additional Shell Meshing Features
Lecture Appx 4: Additional Volume Meshing Features
Lecture Appx 5: Additional Prism Meshing Features
Lecture Appx 6: Additional Edit Mesh Tools
Lecture Appx 7: Additional Hexa Functions
Lecture Appx A: Hexa Basic Block Structures
Tutorial / Workshop 2.1: Geometry Repair – Engine Block
Tutorial / Workshop 3.1: Shell Meshing – Stamped Part
Tutorial / Workshop 3.2: Shell Meshing - Wingbody
Tutorial / Workshop 4.1: Tetra Meshing – Engine Block
Tutorial / Workshop 4.2: Tetra Meshing - Valve
Tutorial / Workshop 4.3: Body Fitted Cartesian - Femur
Tutorial / Workshop 5.1: Prism Meshing – Waterjacket Section
Tutorial / Workshop 5.2: Prism Meshing - Wingbody
Tutorial / Workshop 7.1: Mesh Preparation and Output to Solver – Wing Edit
Tutorial / Workshop 8.1: 2D Pipe Junction
Tutorial / Workshop 8.2: 3D Pipe Junction
Tutorial / Workshop 8.3: 3D Pipe Junction O-grid
Tutorial / Workshop 8.4: 3D Elbow Part


3 Days

Course Aims

Teach the basics of ANSYS in the following areas:

  • To learn advanced meshing techniques for complex geometries
  • To cover the pre-processing needs for analytical applications
  • To learn how to import and repair geometry in ANSYS ICEM CFD
  • To be able to create tetrahedral, prism and hexahedral meshes
  • To learn in detail how fully structured hexahedral meshes can be created on complex geometry, using decomposition tools
  • To be able to perform hybrid meshing and mesh editing
Topics covered
  • Geometry Basics
  • Shell Meshing
  • Auto-Volume Meshing
  • Prism Meshing
  • Solver Output
  • Introduction to Hexa Meshing
Course Material

Training manuals are provided to all course attendees. The training manual is an exact copy of the material used during the three day course. Worked examples are fully documented in a Workshop Supplement which is also provided. Copies of all workshop files are also available to enable course attendees re-analyse course examples following completion of the Introduction to ANSYS Course.

Included in Course Fee
  • All training material
  • Light refreshments during the three days
  • 3 Lunches

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