Date : Monday, 9th December 2019 Time : 09:30

Venue : CADFEM London


Introduction to ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim


Even as simple and intuitive as SpaceClaim is, anyone can benefit  and use it more efficiently with some simple instruction.

SpaceClaim can bring 3-D to everyone by providing a simple, fast, flexible design tool. A 3-D tool should be so simple, anyone can learn it quickly and have fun while doing so.

CADFEM UK offers training classes to its customers, that explain the individual tools and how best to use them.


Training Course Contents:

Module 1 : Core Skills
Module 2 : Creating Geometry
Module 3 : Repairing Geometry
Module 4 : FEA Modeling & Module 5 : CFD Modeling (One Only)
Module 6 : SpaceClaim to Workbench
Tutorial / Workshop 1.1 : Basics
Tutorial / Workshop 1.2 : Sketching in SpaceClaim
Tutorial / Workshop 2.1 : Creating Geometry
Tutorial / Workshop 3.1 : Repairing Geometry
Tutorial / Workshop 4.1 : Preparing for FEA Analysis
Tutorial / Workshop 5.1 : Preparing for CFD Analysis
Tutorial / Workshop 6.1 : Parameters

Our training offering includes a range of ANSYS training courses which are typically 1-2 days in duration. We also offer tailored training to meet your specific needs. This typically includes generation of analysis models for you and subsequent technology transfer plus one on one meetings to address a specific analysis need. Tailored training is flexible.

If your course of choice is not scheduled or you would like further information on any of our courses, please contact us for more information.

Please click here for a further list of courses that can be run if there is a demand for them.

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