Date : Thursday, 29th August 2019 Time : 09:30

Venue : CADFEM London








Image courtesy of ANSYS

This 2-day training course will cover all of the physics and modelling approaches for multiphase flow in ANSYS FLUENT.

Many engineering applications involving fluid flow are multi phase by nature; such as river flows, sprays, fluidised beds and bubble flow.

This course is aimed at experienced CFD users who wish to expand their knowledge to multiphase flows.


Mixing tanks, Sea Waves, Spray Dryers, River Modelling, Wave Energy Devices.

Recommended knowledge: Is it necessary that attendees have some experience with CFD and have completed the Introduction to ANSYS FLUENT training course.


Day 1:
Lecture 2: Discrete Phase Model
Workshop 1 : Riser Simulation Using DDPM
Lecture 3:  Volume of Fluid Model
Workshop 2: Drop Ejection from a Print head Nozzle
Lecture 4: Gas Liquid Flows

Optional Workshop

Day 2:
Lecture 5: Particulate Flow Modelling
Workshop 4: Fluidized Bed
Lecture 6: Population Balance Modelling
Workshop 5: Bubble Coalescence and Break-up
Lecture 7: Phase Change Modelling
Lecture 8: Multiphase Turbulence


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