Date : Tuesday, 24th September 2019 Time : 15:00

Venue : Online


Accuracy and solution time are critical concerns in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of the built environment, and both are highly dependent on the characteristics of the mesh. Different types of meshing elements are needed to resolve various geometries and flow regimes. Transitioning between different types of elements, however, has been a challenge.

ANSYS Mosaic technology greatly improves upon this by automatically connecting different types of meshes with general polyhedral elements. The new Poly-Hexcore feature in ANSYS Fluent uses this technology to fill the bulk region with octree hex elements, maintain a high-quality, layered polyprism mesh in the boundary layer and conformally connect the two meshes with general polyhedral elements. This is especially relevant in urban wind flow simulation environments due to the need to capture large scale turbulent flow features, while maintain a low cell count and solver efficiency.

This webinar will look at the ease of generation of high quality poly-hexcore meshes for both "dirty" and "clean" geometries that are provided for the simulation of pedestrian wind comfort analyses.

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