Date : Thursday, 19th September 2019 Time : 11:00

Venue : Online


ANSYS Discovery Live, a tool designed and developed specifically for Designers, to enable you to explore the feasibility of your ideas beyond the design rules but into real multiphysics simulation. Explore the effects of  heat generation due to electric conduction, heat dissipation and deformation under thermal and mechanical loads.


Think outside the box, come up with new ideas/designs and test all of them in real-time to answer all the key questions such as, will my part be strong enough? Will my coolant system keep the temperature cool? ...

ANSYS Discovery Live is the first simulation tool that allows Designers to spend more time in answering these questions and focusing on the design rather than spending a long time preparing and solving complex simulations. Discovery Live gives results in real-time letting you experiment with your designs (geometries, materials, boundary conditions, etc.), so that you can understand how your design behaves and performs in a true multiphysics environment.

This 30-minute webinar introduces you to the new multiphysics capabilities of the product and demonstrates how it is used to evaluate real-time simulations, as well as how easy it is to make changes in geometry to investigate potential improvements.

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