Date : Thursday, 26th September 2019 Time : 9:30 AM

Venue : CADFEM Dublin


Course Description

The interactions between components of an assembly are part of today's simulation tasks. Contact in ANSYS Mechanical is a powerful tool and also the most common nonlinearity in structural mechanics simulations. The variety of possible settings of a contact region makes the topic of contact modelling often appear complex. However, using the Mechanical interface simplifies this process. In specifying the description of a contact region, the following questions are addressed in a logical manner: Have the correct surfaces been selected? What type of contact exists? How is the global stiffness behaviour of the design affected by the contact? Which contact algorithm is best for each contact region? How accurate is the calculated contact pressure? How much contact penetration is acceptable?

Who should attend?
Anyone who has or is studying for an engineering degree and needs to simulate the effect of nonlinear contact in their analyses.

To acquire comprehensive knowledge on how to simulate the interaction between components of an assembly through use of contact technology. To perform these simulations efficiently and robustly. To critically assess the results of the simulation, in order to ensure an accurate and dependable outcome.

Day 1:

1: Overview of Nonlinear Analysis Including Contact

2: Nonlinear Analysis Procedures

3: Restart Controls

4: Introduction to Contact

5: Trim Contact

6: Detection Methods

7: Pinball Region

Day 2:

8:   Contact Stiffness

9:   Penetration

10: Interface Treatments

11: Convergence Issues

12:  Summary – Best Practice


09:30 – 13:00  Morning Session (including mid morning coffee!)

13:00 – 14:00  Lunch

14:00 – 17:00  Afternoon Session (including afternoon tea/coffee/refreshments

Interactive format – presentations, worked examples, questions & answers

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