Date : Tuesday, 3rd March 2020 Time : 09:30

Venue : CADFEM London


ANSYS Explicit Dynamics Introduction

Course Objectives

This course provides an introduction into explicit transient simulation with ANSYS Explicit. It is designed for simulation engineers, who would like to use explicit dynamics for the analysis of non-linear, dynamic problems: crash, impact, drop test, limit load analysis and metal forming.


Besides providing the theoretical foundation for explicit dynamic analysis, and teaching the workflow around ANSYS Explicit, the acquired knowledge is strengthened by individual training and completion of practical examples.

Introduction to ANSYS Explicit and its workflow

    • Typical application areas for explicit dynamics
    • Basics of ANSYS Explicit: explicit vs. implicit time integration and consequences
  • Stability of time integration method and control of time step size, mass scaling

Aspects of FE-Modelling

    • Basics of the meshing for explicit dynamics
  • Available finite element formulations (element integration, hourglass forms)
  • Modelling in ANSYS Explicit

Execution of simulation

  • Influences on simulation speed and accuracy
    • Analysis settings
  • Control of output data; available result files

Evaluation of simulation results

  • Post-processing in ANSYS Explicit
  • Generation of contour plots and animations
  • Generation of time history plots

Modification and completion of exercises

  • Examples for dynamic and quasistatic analysis

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