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Fluid Mechanics Simulation with ANSYS CFD


Numerical fluid mechanics has become an important tool in the design and optimization of flow and flow products. It serves to quantify important fluid mechanical parameters such as pressure losses, efficiencies, forces and heat transfer rates at an early product stage. In this introductory seminar you will learn the skills needed to perform numerical flow calculations with ANSYS CFD.


The seminar is aimed at newcomers to product simulation with CFD who would like to base their knowledge of CFD on experienced simulation experts and focus on application practice.

Based on practical examples of internal and external flows with heat transfer, you will work through the steps of a CFD calculation, starting with the geometry modeling to the systematic evaluation, assessment and quality assurance of the results.

The focus of the seminar will be practical exercises and best practice tips with the ANSYS CFD software (ANSYS CFX and ANSYS Fluent). Accompanying these exercises, the necessary theoretical knowledge is presented.

We will provide an agenda for the 3-day course shortly. For immediate feedback and more details, please contact Adrian Dunne: adunne@cadfemireland.com

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