Urban Simulations and Digital City Models

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10th-11th October, 7th Forum Digital City, Leipziger Messe, Germany – 
Smart 3D City Models for Planning, Analysis and Simulation

Meet city planners, specialists, pioneers, researchers from businesses and public institutions. Discuss with us about Smart 3D City Models and about the City of the Future!

virtualitySYSTEMS and CADFEM are experts in semantic 3D City Modelling and Numerical Simulation. We believe that by bringing all this expertise together people and cities will benefit from our digital solutions in the future.

Video 7th Forum Digital City
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The CADFEM Group collaborates with experts for Urban Simulation & Digital City Models. virtualcitySYSTEMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CADFEM Group.
Together, both companies follow the vision of developing solutions for the simulation of environmental phenomena on the basis of 3D city models.

Among our partners and clients are the cities of Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Zurich, Vienna and others.

Our experiences in the field of geoinformatics (VirtualcitySYSTEMS) and numerical simulation of physical behaviour (CADFEM) complement the development of the “digital twin” of cities, urban districts and buildings. The “digital twin” is based on CityGML (existing buildings) and BIM (new buildings).

Today Digital 3D Simulations are used for urban planning processes:
– to handle urban complexities and make them describable 
– to analyse wind loads for buildings, to improve city ventilation
– to prevent flooding 
– to improve building constructions as well as safety and evacuation measures
– and for further applications

As the first city in the world to do so, Helsinki has simultaneously introduced two 3D city models covering the entire city…
Helsinki 3D+ The city model is open data CityGML (1 minute overview video)

The 6th Forum “Digital City” took place as part of the “CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference” in November 2017 in Koblenz, Germany. The Forum welcomed an international audience from public institutions, industry, municipalities, planning offices and developers, technology developers and users.

CADFEM – The Digital City Initiative
Semantic 3D City Models & Numerical Multiphysics Simulations:
Urban Simulation – Topics & Solutions: Air Quality, Wind Field, Flooding, Vulnerability, Blast, Crowd, Acoustics, City2Sim, Mobility.
Presentation: Forum_Digital_City_CADFEM (1)_Urban Planning

Enabling Smart City Applications on top of 3D City Models
Smart City Examples:  Smarter Together, Traffic Simulation, Sensor Integration, Energy Monitoring and Solar Potential, Heating Demand Estimation, Parking Space Monitoring, R&D OPMOPS
Presentation: Forum_Digital_City_virtualcitySYSTEMS

More presentations from the event will be provided here shortly.
If you are interested in the above topics and our expertise, please contact Stefan Trometer, Director Business Development, virtualcitySYSTEMS.
In Ireland: Barbara Leichtenstern, CADFEM Ireland

CADFEM simulating pollutant levels:

Simulating tomorrow’s cities – overcoming challenges of increasing urbanisation
Publication in The Engineers Journal Ireland

Presentation of the new 3D city models of Helsinki




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