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Below is a growing list of our consultancy capabilities.

Shock wave over a wedge

Vertical plane shock wave striking a wedge.
The simulation has been carried out as a transient inviscid case, on a quadrangular grid consisting of 265k elements, in ANSYS Fluent.

Reflection of a shock wave from a wedge

The animation shows a vertical plane shock wave striking a wedge, with the reflection phenomena highlighted.
The incident shock wave runs from left to right, with the reflected wave off the wedge surface propagating as a cylindrical shock.
A third shock wave, the Mach stem, propagates normal to the wedge surfaces, joining the incident and reflected shock waves at a triple point.

Gypsy Wheel Structural Analysis

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. was approached by Whittaker Engineering to validate the structural integrity of a newly designed Gypsy Wheel using Finite Element Analysis.


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Electromagnetic Beam Analysis

The top half of the window shows an electro-mechanical beam used as MEMS switch deflected by a differential voltage applied to the transducer elements underneath the switch. The movement is damped by air which flows through the two holes and the sides. The structural and fluidic problem has been solved using fluid-structure interaction (FSI) in ANSYS.



CFD Analysis of Fluidised Sloshing

Free surface movement of liquid fluid in a tank under an horizontal acceleration. The animation shows the interaction between the fluid and two baffle plates.



2D model of a Vertical Wind Turbine

Velocity contour generated by the interaction between a rotating wind turbine and the wind. The simulation is made in Ansys Fluent and the flow field is obtained as a combination of a stationary domain and a moving mesh inside with a simple wind turbine model.



British Petroleum – Scraper Pig Analysis

This ANSYS LS-DYNA analysis demonstrates that a scraper pig, which is used to clean oil and gas pipelines, can negotiate a check valve. The forces generated between the pig and the clapper and between the clapper and the valve body are also evaluated to check the integrity of the assembly. Other analyses also show whether elongated pigs can negotiate wye pieces.


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Static and Impact Structural Analysis of a Deployment Skid

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required to analyse, and hence evaluate, two designs of the skid; a base model and a braced model incorporating additional braces on the top and sides, and a modified pad-eye design, under two different analysis conditions; static and impact.


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