CADFEM Consultancy Services


In addition to our ANSYS software sales and technical support roles we also provide simulation consultancy services.

Our simulation consultancy service assists new ANSYS users to successfully implement simulation solutions and also existing ANSYS users to upskill. Additionally we also provide a simulation service to the engineering community at large – indeed it is often the case that availing of our simulation consultancy service is  the first step on a customers path to developing their own in house simulation expertise.

We have a  a wealth of experience in the areas of medical devices (coronary stents, surgical components, medical implants), electronics (electromagnetic analysis, cooling devices), renewable energy (computational fluid dynamics),  mechanical engineering (chassis analysis, automotive and aerospace components), civil and structural engineering (bridges, connections, 3D solid modelling) and finite element analysis for general engineering applications.

The scope and variety of projects we undertake is broad. They include customisation and technology transfer for existing ANSYS users. For example we may construct simulation models, debug and return them to our customer who will complete further simulations iterations as part of their design or troubleshooting processes. Alternatively we are adept at automating repetitive processes and developing specific post-processing routines for bespoke needs.

For customers without an in-house simulation capability we are happy to provide a complete simulation service. Typically these projects can range in duration from days to months depending on the scope of the work.

We are always happy to discuss the potential for simulation with new and existing customers – please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss see how your organisation might benefit from engineering simulation.

For example simulations please refer to our Simulation Driven Development showcases.


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