London to Sydney in 4 minutes

Time is money. If you paid €1000 for a 32 hour journey and were then told you could cut your journey time down to 4 hours for an additional €500, would you do it? In a heartbeat. And €500 more to cut it to 30 minutes? And €500 more to cut it to 4 minutes? Okay, you get the idea. That’s what ANSYS HPC Packs offer you. 1 HPC Pack will give you up to x8 in speed. 2 HPC Packs x32. 3 HPC Packs x128…

You may already have a workstation with 8 cores. You may not have one with 32. And, unless you work for a large company, highly unlikely you have one with 128 cores. This is where Amazon cloud computing (AWS) kicks in and levels the playing field between large companies (who have the resources and economies of scale) and SMEs (who do not). CADFEM are now an Amazon Channel Partner and can now offer you access to massively parallel computer power literally by the hour. And with all ANSYS products pre-configured and ready to run and various ANSYS licensing options to fit your needs.

Get on demand access to the latest and most comprehensive IT infrastructure available. AWS continually updates CPU technology, so you always get access to the fastest processors. The latest remote visualisation technology allows you to manipulate huge 3D models smoothly but with low bandwidth requirements. AWS storage services make archiving and retrieval a piece of cake. And because Amazon are continually adding infrastructure to stay ahead of demand, scalability is, in practical terms, unlimited. And with facilities located in 16 regions (including Germany, UK and Ireland) legal issues around data location are fully addressed. Truly on demand – as much as you need, whenever you need it and only pay for what you use!

HPC Value Statement

ANSYS vision of Simulation Driven Product Development has come a long way in the last decade. All physics (mechanics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics) can be accurately modelled and combined to deliver comprehensive virtual prototyping. As complete assemblies with combined physics are modelled, solution times on traditional workstations can run to weeks. HPC provides a means to reduce solution times to days or even hours. The value is huge and twofold. Engineers can assess increased numbers of design variations allowing them to identify better designs in less time. And as run times reduce so too does the cost per solution.  Typical examples are given in the tables below.

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ANSYS Software on Demand, Amazon Hardware on Demand – exclusively from CADFEM

HPC Value Statement – ANSYS Mechanical


run time (hours) ANSYS Mechanical Premium ANSYS HPC AWS Total Cost per Simulation

Simulations per Day

1 20.0 €35.16 €0.00 €2.00 €37.16 1.2
2 13.3 €23.44 €0.00 €2.67 €26.11 1.8
4 6.7 €11.72 €2.68 €2.67 €17.07 3.6
8 3.3 €5.86 €3.63 €2.67 €12.15 7.2
16 1.7 €2.93 €3.39 €2.67 €8.99 14.4
32 0.8 €1.46 €5.81 €2.67 €9.94 28.8
  1. Mech Premium cost based on annual lease cost
  2. ANSYS HPC software to run in parallel on multiple cores
  3. Based on On Demand instance pricing. Use of Spot Pricing would reduce further by up to 70%

HPC Value Statement – ANSYS CFD

processors run time (hours) ANSYS CFD ANSYS HPC AWS Total Cost per Simulation Simulations per Day
1 200.0 €516.67 €0.00 €20.00 €536.67 0.1
2 111.1 €287.04 €22.32 €22.22 €331.58 0.2
4 55.6 €143.52 €33.49 €22.22 €199.23 0.4
8 27.8 €71.76 €30.22 €22.22 €124.20 0.9
32 6.9 €17.94 €15.11 €22.22 €55.27 3.5
128 1.7 €4.48 €5.67 €22.22 €32.37 13.8
512 0.4 €1.12 €1.89 €22.22 €25.23 55.3



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