ichec_logoCADFEM Ireland partner with the Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC) to provide large scale simulation capabilities in the cloud.  Below is a video outlining ICHEC and our cooperation with them. We  together with ICHEC have helped our customers to run ANSYS and CFX on Fionn, ICHEC’s supercomputer. More info about Fionn here

CADFEM also partner with Amazon Web Services.


We have several years experience setting up cloud based infrastructures around the ANSYS suite of products including networking issues and licensing setups. Now we want to share the benefits of this experience by sharing purpose-built ANSYS cloud computers with you so you don’t have to.

Only pay for the computing power you use

Using Amazon Web Services, CADFEM can unleash the power of cloud computing to give you extra computing power on demand !

Run a 32-core machine like the one below for as little as $3.50 / hour …

  • r3.8xlarge – High Memory Instance Type
  • 32 Virtual CPUs (16 real, 16 HT)
  • 244 GB RAM
  • High Frequency Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 (Ivy Bridge) Processors
… and when you’re finished, switch it off – just like a real world computer !
There are a whole range of instance types available. More information here

Get a free evaluation of ANSYS on the cloud. Contact us for more details at



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