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Technology is the lifeblood of ANSYS, Inc.

For 40 years, ANSYS has been the pioneer in the application of finite element methods to solve the engineering design challenges its customers face. How have ANSYS achieved this 40-year run of groundbreaking achievement in engineering simulation and modeling? Continue reading

SEAM Research Centre

Committed to providing cutting edge technology resources…

SEAM Research Centre, based in Waterford Institute of Technology, is an industry focused applied research centre, providing materials engineering solutions to companies from wide ranging sectors such as Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Micro-electronics, Precision Engineering and Energy Sectors. SEAM supports research activities for industries throughout Ireland. Continue reading


A partnership of two companies has transformed ROCKY into the product it is today.

ESSS was created in 1995, in Florianópolis – Brazil, with the objective of establishing a link between the scientific knowledge developed at universities and the application of such knowledge to industry, providing the market with the dynamic and investigative spirit of scientific research, added to a constant search for excellence in the quality of its services.

The company develops and markets solutions in computer simulation for several different areas: oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, metal-mechanical, power generation, turbomachinery, chemical, and mining.

Over the years, ESSS has gained international prominence by offering the market complete solutions of mathematical modeling and computer simulation and has expanded its facilities to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, United States, and Peru.


The iESSS division offers short and medium term coursework and specialization for professionals who wish to focus upon engineering and computational simulation. Also offered are postgraduate opportunities in the classroom or distance learning (ODL) mode for professionals who wish to acquire knowledge in the areas of Fluid Flow Numerical Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Structural Numerical Analysis using the Finite Element Method.


In 2012, Granular Dynamics International, LLC. (GDI) was created as a division of Conveyor Dynamics, Inc., a US company with over 40 years experience in advanced belt conveyor and transfer chute systems, and ore comminution engineering. GDI’s focus is advancing their proprietary chute and conveyor design software, specifically, their 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program, ROCKY.


Dynardo is your service provider for CAE-based sensitivity analysis, robustness evaluation, liability analysis and Robust Design Optimisation.

Dynardo GmbH was founded in 2001 as a company for software development and engineering computing services with three partners and two employees in Weimar. With unique features such as Continue reading


Tailored solutions for mathematical and technical tasks

BCMM offers consultancy in applied mathematical methods, ranging from mathematical modelling of technical and natural systems to design of efficient algorithms and implementation of powerful software. CMM’s specialties include geometric computing, mesh generation and manipulation, geometry processing for medical simulation and generic programming.

TechNet Alliance

Your Global CAE-Partner

CADFEM UK and Ireland has been an active Charter Member of the TechNet Alliance and a Member of the Board of Technology Network Alliance AG since 1999. Continue reading


We are delighted to announce our collaboration with U3D of University College Dublin.

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing AM, is regarded by many as a new revolution in manufacturing. It is a cornerstone in an era where designers look at more creative and efficient ways to enhance product development and production. Continue reading


Irish Centre for High End Computing
CADFEM UK and Ireland have partnered with the Irish Centre for High End Computing.

CADFEM UK and Ireland have partnered with the Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC) to provide large scale simulation capabilities in the cloud. Continue reading


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