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Farnborough International Airshow: Innovation in Aerospace on Display 17-19 July

ANSYS software is used today by 85 percent of the 2017 Fortune 500 aerospace and defense companies to accelerate innovative products to market —from airplanes and their systems to drones, rockets and satellites. With ANSYS it is possible to simulate real-world conditions in a virtual world, users can evaluate thousands of products under variable conditions in a safe, controlled environment. We help to answer the “what-if” and “how” questions that engineers ask when developing products.

CADFEM are pleased to announce that Paolo Colombo, the Aerospace & Defense Global Industry Director at ANSYS, will be at the Farnborough International Airshow in the U.K., from July 17 to 19 to discuss how simulation makes the impossible possible. Are you interested in the unique solutions for autonomous and electric aircraft, digital twins, additive manufacturing and 3D design exploration with real-time feedback using ANSYS Discovery Live? 

Meet Paolo Colombo and the ANSYS team at the ADS CHALET: D14, HALL 1. Please request a meeting in advance by emailing:

More information about the Airshow, venue and travelling.
About Paolo Colombo and ANSYS at the Airshow.

Improved connection of permanent magnets

Electromagnetic – structural simulation of axial flux generators for wind turbines

All images: courtesy of DDIS

DDIS’s innovation lies in the development of axial
flow machines. Compared to conventional
generators with radial electromagnetic flux more
compact systems or systems with a much higher
power density are possible.
Permanent magnets are integrated in these systems
as central components. Due to the present
electromagnetic behavior, these elements are
exposed to high structural loads. With this analysis,
the electromagnetic force effect at different
operating conditions was to be determined and
evaluated. Different proposals of design changes
designs should be investigated as well in order to
improve the reliability of the electrical machine. ….

The analysis of the electromagnetic fields within the axial
flux generator was set up in ANSYS Maxwell. Based on
the transient motion of the system, magnetic field
distributions arise as a function of the angle of rotation,
which are fundamental for the determination of the
electromagnetic forces.
To determine the structural mechanical stresses of the
rotor and stator components, a nonlinear FEM simulation
with ANSYS Mechanical was performed. The load
transfer from the electromagnetic analysis to the static
structural analysis took place via direct coupling of the
two analysis systems within ANSYS Workbench.

Various design variants and connection mechanisms
have been investigated during this project. Suggestions
for improving the reliability and fatigue life could be
worked out.

Read the article to hear about the significant benefits for the customer…. contact our engineers for more details.

Axial flux machine as generator integrated in a wind turbine




Insight into the conversion of mechanical power into electromagnetic power and vice versa by means of electromagnetic simulation


Transfer of the force densities from the electromagnetic analysis into the structural model for robust mechanical design of the magnets

Cloud Developments May 2018

NICE DCV through the Web Browser for Linux and Windows

Previously there were different ways of connecting to instances for Linux and Windows. For Linux it was mainly VNC or SSH. For Windows you had the choice of Remote Desktop or NICE DCV. 

In order to take advantage of GPU graphics instances for products such as Discovery Live or ANSYS AIM, the best option was NICE DCV.

However NICE DCV required non standard ports to be opened, and also required the installation of software on your local machine. It also required licences. This gave problems for many IT and finance departments.

Amazon have acquired NICE DCV so now they are providing an updated version of NICE DCV that works directly from the browser over the standard https port (443).  And it’s completely free on EC2 instances!

CADFEM have packaged this up nicely for you so that you can use a unified connection mechanism to both Windows and Linux instances.  Remote Desktop, SSH and VNC will still be supported for now, but we are considering discontinuing it in the future.

Enhanced Networking

The CADFEM Self Service Portal now supports Enhanced Networking. Enhanced Networking is necessary to launch the new C5 and M5 instance types.

Enhanced networking uses single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) to provide high-performance networking capabilities on supported instance types. SR-IOV is a method of device virtualization that provides higher I/O performance and lower CPU utilization when compared to traditional virtualized network interfaces. Enhanced networking provides higher bandwidth, higher packet per second (PPS) performance, and consistently lower inter-instance latencies. There is no additional charge for using enhanced networking.

The Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) supports network speeds of up to 25 Gbps for supported instance types. This compares with the various Infiniband speeds as shown in the table below:

25 Gbps 54 Gbps 40 Gbps 32 Gbps 16 Gbps 8 Gbps

C5, F1, G3, H1, I3, m4.16xlarge, M5, P2, P3, R4, and X1 instances use the Elastic Network Adapter for enhanced networking.

Amazon have said that ENA will support up to 60 Gbps by the end of the year!

New C5 and M5 Instance Types

Amazon have released a new generation of C5 and M5 instances, with superior speed and network connectivity to the old C4 and M4 instance types.

We have worked hard to implement these on the Self Service Portal and they are now ready for prime time.

Model Real CPU Cores Memory (GiB) Linux Price (Ireland)
c5.large 1 4 $0.096
c5.xlarge 2 8  $0.192
c5.2xlarge 4 16  $0.384
c5.4xlarge 8 32  $0.768
c5.9xlarge 18 72  $1.728
c5.18xlarge 36 144  $3.456
Model Real CPU Cores Memory (GiB) Linux Price (Ireland)
m5.large 1 8  $0.107
m5.xlarge 2 16  $0.214
m5.2xlarge 4 32  $0.428
m5.4xlarge 8 64  $0.856
m5.12xlarge 24 192  $2.568
m5.24xlarge 48 384  $5.136

And also remember these instance types support networking speeds of up to 25 Gbps!

Standardised Password Generation

We have made the Get Password function now work in the same way for Linux and Windows.  This allows you to click “Get Password” regardless which OS image you are launching.



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