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Case Studies

ITER In-Vessel Viewing System Analysis

Having recently developed a harmonious working relationship with ITER, CADFEM were contracted to carried out an extensive simulation analysis of the In-Vessel Viewing System (IVVS).


SMS Mevac UK Ltd CFD Analysis of a Fixed Fume Extraction Hood

SMS Mevac UK Limited required a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of a Fixed Fume Extraction Hood in order to understand the flow inside the hood, with a view to optimising its design.


SPX Process Engineering Ltd Structural Analysis of a Flange Assembly for a Hyundai Filter

SPX required CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to carry out a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to establish if the designed filter flange would be able to withstand an increased design pressure.


Whittaker Engineering Structural Analysis of Captain FPSO Lower Fairleads

Structural analyses to be conducted on Fairlead design, to investigate the cause of failure in the bolts and to evaluate the work that would be required to prolong the Fairleads life.


Hayward Tyler CFD and Structural FEA Analyses on a Pump Case

CFD and FEA analysis of a pump casing which was required to be able to withstand a temperature increase of 56ºC in 3 seconds.


CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. conducts a 3D Design Optimisation of a Wind Turbine Blade using ANSYS CFX and DesignXplorer

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. carried out CFD analyses to optimize a blade design, in order to increase the torque being applied on the blade at a specific rotation speed, hence increasing the power output of the wind turbine.


Cathelco Ltd Dynamic Lift Analysis

Cathelco is the world leader in Seawater Pipework Anti Fouling (AF) and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems (ICCP). Cathelco required CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. to carry out a dynamic analysis of an enclosure containing a Transformer Rectifier (TR) Unit.


AMEC Buckling Analysis of a Condensate Storage Tank

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. carried out structural FE analyses, using ANSYS, of a condensate storage tank design incorporating the frangible roof joints. The objective of the analysis was to evaluate whether, or not, the roof/curb joint would fail before the floor/wall joint.


Piper Test and Measurement Ltd & Siemens AG Optimised Design of IPP Drive Support Structure

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required by Piper Test and Measurement to carry out Finite Element Analyses (FEA) to evaluate the design of a support structure for the braking system.


D J Goode Blast Vent Panel Explicit Dynamics Analysis

CADFEM UK CAE Ltd. were required to demonstrate how an explicit dynamic analysis could be carried out on a model of a steel vent panel made using pressed steel sections, and being subjected to an internal blast load.



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