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ANSYS CFD is widely deployed in the pharmaceutical industry to provide solutions to a range of applications in areas such as process engineering, plant design, R&D and downstream processing.
One such application where CFD has yielded great success is in the area of mixing tank design. CFD Simulation is widely used to:
  • Determination of scale-up criteria (Power/Volume, Shear, Turbulent Dissipation Rate, Mixing Time).
  • Optimisation of vessel operating conditions (agitation, sparging) through DOE, using scaling criteria.
  • Determination and optimisation of kLa.
  • Visualisation and Investigation of Bioreactor conditions (e.g. Localised Shear/Mixing, Flow Patterns, Oxygen Concentration/Homogeneity).
  • Assist in Technology Transfer between sites and process lines.
  • Rapid, inexpensive investigation of alternative equipment (e.g. Different Impellers, Single-Use Bioreactors).
ANSYS allows for the parametrisation of operating conditions, allowing multiple simulation runs to be performed in succession, varying these conditions or geometric features (such as vessel size, impeller shape. These simulations can be driven by an integrated Design of Experiments (DoE) and Optimisation software OptiSLang. This capability, leveraged along with high performance computing (HPC) resources on Amazon Web Services (AWS), mean that CADFEM UK & Ireland can provide highly streamlined simulation workflows to the pharmaceutical industry.

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