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CADFEM present ANSYS Discovery Live

Mechanics video: Check 10 models in 10 minutes

ANSYS Discovery Live is a new technology which gives you intuitive, real-time insight into all engineering decisions through instantaneous simulation. Live results: When we modify the geometry, the physical properties will change.

Customer testimonial: Innovative Engineering – from idea to product with Discovery Live and CE-SYS. Cost and time reductions achieved in development phase: -75%.

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For a quick overview we recommend the above video and testimonial for mechanics. If you are interested in CFD, please enjoy CADFEM’s demonstration below on Simulating Pollutant Levels.

ANSYS Discovery Live: Breakthrough Real-Time Simulation Will Profundly Change Product Development. Presentation by Justin Hendrickson, Director of Product Management Design Business, ANSYS, Inc. at the 35th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference,
15th November 2017, Koblenz, Germany.

ANSYS, Inc. has officially released ANSYS Discovery Live on
1st February 2018.  Discovery Live is a ground-breaking technology which will change the way engineers design today. This technology allows engineers to display instantaneously the physical behaviour of the products they are designing. Live Simulation of mechanical, thermal and fluid-mechanical properties enables the designers and engineers to immediately understand physical correlations, assess design modifications, and develop the product not only from a geometrical but also from a physical perspective. 

In the five months since the launch, thousands of users have performed countless engineering simulations. Back then, ANSYS believed this technology to be ground breaking and based upon the feedback received, everyone agrees!

During the ANSYS Discovery Launch Webinar on 13th February ANSYS officially released the suite of Discovery products. We could hear customer testimonials, learn how Discovery Live can be integrated into the Discovery family and find out what the development team is working on for the future.

For any questions concerning the new release and your use of ANSYS, please contact your CADFEM Support:


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