ANSYS VRXPERIENCE – Dynamic Driving Experience

VRX enables Lucid Motors’s engineers to see how the headlight’s beam will look on the road and how it interacts with sensors on the car. This allows us to shape and change the beam and make sure it accurately simulates its behavior and characteristics.

Dr. Hans Christoph Eckstein
Senior Technical Specialist, Optical Engineering

All Images Courtesy of ANSYS Optis

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving

Are meant to increase Safety in Automotive drastically, but they need to be tested and validated to act properly in any hazardous situations.
For a rapid and simple virtual test of your systems, you can rely on the unique combination of a visually realistic driving simulator, sound dimension and physics-based simulation offered by ANSYS VRXPERIENCE.

Interactive Headlight Validation 

Within seconds, compare different headlight configurations, physically measured or simulated from SPEOS, and quickly review the road illumination and lit appearance of your equipment. Evaluate the beams in driving conditions and perform regulation checks! Adjust the performance of your headlight accordingly, for the of everyone on the road. ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Headlamp’s digital driving experience eliminates the need for real night driving tests. ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Headlamp helps you ensure that the OEM and Tier 1 philosophy is applied through the whole lighting development process.

ADAS & AV Testing 

Thoroughly develop and test complex ADAS systems
and autonomous vehicles virtually, by connecting
optical and functional operations in a single
environment with ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Sensors.

VRX is compatible with any VR headset, sizeable multi-screen display systems, virtual reality systems and can be delivered
with optimized steering wheels and car interface controllers to maximize driving substitution.

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