With LS-DYNA it is possible to determine how structures behave over a certain period of time when subjected to time-dependent loads. With the developer of LS-DYNA, the Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LSTC), CADFEM joins a decade-long partnership. LS-DYNA is offered stand-alone by CADFEM or as an integrated version in ANSYS Workbench.

LS-DYNA in ANSYS Workbench

The seamless integration of LS-DYNA into ANSYS Workbench with associative CAD connection allows explicit calculations in a parametric work process and speeds both the variant calculation and the optimization.


  • Automotive Industry – LS-DYNA is widely used in crash simulation to analyse the behaviour of vehicles and their substructures as well as dummies during an accident.
  • Metal Forming – LS-DYNA is often used in material processing to simulate processes such as forging, deep drawing or stamping.
  • Drop Tests – Simulated drop tests are also part of the application spectrum of LS-DYNA. A wide variety of impact effects are simulated for a wide range of industrial and consumer goods – whether castor containers, cell phones, washing machines, thermal imaging cameras or water kegs
  • Further Applications – LS-DYNA can support development processes wherever nonlinearities and dynamics are of great relevance, for example in the simulation of explosions or earthquakes.


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