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Below is a growing and regularly updated list of our Ansys Demos.

Combining Results from Response Spectrum and Static Structural Analysis

Using ANSYS Workbench Mechanical it is possible to carry out individual response spectrum analyses for given orthogonal directions, however there is no easy method to calculate the combined effects for each of the solved spectrum analyses aside from combining the results using ANSYS APDL. One way to carry out this task within ANSYS Workbench Mechanical is to utilise user defined results or UDRs.



Performing an Axisymmetric Analysis in ANSYS Workbench from 2D Geometry

The “Performing an Axisymmetric Analysis in ANSYS Workbench from 2D Geometry” video demonstration details the advantages of an Axisymmetric Analysis by giving a massive reduction in the number of elements, substantially reducing resources and solve time and also, if a highly accurate solution is required, large amounts of detail and increased numbers of elements can be added while maintaining a reasonable process time.



Solid Elements VS Beam Elements

The “Solid Elements VS Beam Elements” video demonstration details two methods of analysing beams. The first method is to model the beam using solid bodies and mesh them using solid elements. The second methond is to model the beams using line bodies and then mesh them using beam elements.



Considering the Effects of Preload on Natural Frequencies

This analysis demonstration video highlights the importance of considering the effects of preload on the natural frequencies of a system and also showcases the explicit analysis capabilities of our in-house staff at CADFEM UK CAE Ltd.



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