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Ansys Software and Cloud on Demand – Access additional simulation resources when needed 

Ansys Elastic Licensing is a flexible, pay-per-use licensing model that enables hourly based licensing for software, computing power and hardware. It complements and augments the value of other licensing solutions, removing access barriers like the number of users, product access, additional physics and HPC capacity.

Sometimes you need more: more software, computing power, hardware and time. Ansys Elastic Licensing offers access to all these assets, right when you need them — during peak times or when that important project is due.

You can purchase packages of Ansys Elastic Units (AEUs) based on your short-term needs. AEUs work with existing lease and perpetual licenses and allow capacity to be added as needed. AEUs are flexible: They can be used with products across the Ansys portfolio and utilized with on-premise or cloud computing resources.

Ansys Elastic Units are easy-to-use and can be “spent” when needed. The Elastic Licensing portal tracks AEU activity, so you can see which products are being used by whom. With this data, you can make more informed software purchasing decisions.


  • Prepaid, usage-based licensing
  • Access across the Ansys portfolio
  • Occasional use
  • Peak capacity
  • On-premise and in the cloud
  • Monitor usage

ANSYS Elastic Licensing – Consumption Rate Table

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