ANSYS 19.2

18 September 2018: ANSYS 19.2 is available.

ANSYS, Inc. and CADFEM are pleased to announce that ANSYS 19.2  is now available for our customers to download from the ANSYS customer portal.

Talk to your CADFEM Support and check out the ANSYS portal, learn about the many enhancements in 19.2:

– Revamped user experience for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) which includes a task-based, single-window workflow
– New processes for developing embedded software for safety-critical applications
– Dramatically increased computational speeds for solving digital twins and structural models
– A revolutionary optical simulation solution that saves on prototyping time and costs
– New multiscale material modeling.
along with many more enhancements. 

Full ANSYS 19.2 Capabilities Chart

Please download the software now and find out more about the technical enhancements: ANSYS customer portal.

The latest release of ANSYS delivers new fluids, structures and electromagnetics physics capabilities, higher fidelity, more accurate solvers, faster diesel engine simulations, enhanced antenna design functionality and a stronger additive manufacturing solution, plus a more desirable user experience and across-the-board performance improvements.

CADFEM has been testing ANSYS 19 for a while. Highlights of ANSYS 19 are:

  • 4 cores are now available in all ANSYS packages
  • the EnSight-Postprocessor for the professional presentation of results within the CFD products
  • the new Discovery suite of products for live simulations for your design

    We will provide more insights here shortly!

    In the meantime, you can learn more in the What’s New section  of the ANSYS Customer Portal.

Please download your new release of ANSYS. If you encounter any difficulties with the download, or if you have questions concerning the new release and your use of ANSYS, please contact your CADFEM Support:

We look forward to hearing from you!

The CADFEM UK & Ireland Teams

ANSYS 19 Capabilities Chart


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