“Following on from this study, and working with CADFEM UK CAE Ltd., a number of our own engineers have been able to do further comparisons of a new design against an existing product in various loading conditions. This has rapidly allowed us to get a good indication of the performance of the product before testing.”

James Brooks, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, DePuy
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“CADFEM UK CAE Ltd.’s macro allowed us to quickly and consistently replicate physical testing which would normally have taken weeks to undertake in our labs. In addition it permitted us to gain detailed information on stress and deflection which can be difficult to detect in physical tests. The macro has proved an invaluable tool in the comparison and validation of new implant designs as well as proving a highly effective learning aid for our core team of FEA users.” She continues. “The results achieved using CADFEM UK CAE Ltd.’s analysis method closely correlated to the results of those physical tests previously undertaken in our labs. This validation has allowed us to extend the application of this methodology to the evaluation of a range of new implant designs, providing feedback accurately and in a short timeframe.”

Fiona Haig, Mechanical Design Engineer, DePuy
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