“OpenHydro is a world leader in tidal energy technology. The challenges in designing robust, efficient, low-maintenance turbines which can withstand the harshest of environments are being met by a team of expert design engineers at OpenHydro. The full suite of ANSYS tools are used throughout the design process to simulate conditions that cannot economically be represented in physical tests. Our close partnership with CADFEM has allowed us to exploit these tools to arrive at best designs within aggressive project timelines.”

Danny Johnston, Engineering Manager, OpenHydro




Images courtesy of OpenHydro Technology


Analog Devices

analog devices

“With the evolution of mobile phone camera modules over the past decade Analog Devices have become a leader in micro actuator drivers for mobile phone camera modules. Analog Devices design and produce Integrated circuits which control the position of the lens in the camera module. The actuators that move the lens can be of many different types like Voice Coil Motor (VCM – Leader), Piezo, MEMS, Liquid Crystal Lens, Shape Memory Alloy (SMA). In order to design the most efficient drivers for these actuators an in-depth knowledge into the electromechanics is required. By working with CADFEM and ANSYS tools we have benefited from the knowledge gained and are in a position to produce more efficient and effective drivers.”

Eoin English, New Technology Development Manager, Analog Devices


liebherr crane

“Shipping lines and port operators demand high productivity rates in modern container ports. Port equipment must therefore prove extremely efficient and economic in use. Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. has over 50 years of experience in crane development and manufacture and has an excellent worldwide reputation for reliable, high-performance port equipment and container cranes in all sizes – from straddle carriers right up to the latest generation of ship to shore container cranes in the Megamax class. CADFEM are supplying ANSYS tool solutions which enable the efficient design of modern state of the art equipment and which will also enable the effective design of future equipment with ever increasing demands.”

Kieran Hanly, Design Department, Liebherr Container Cranes

liebherr p4

Images courtesy of Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd.




“As a newcomer to the Inertial Sensor market Innalabs must transition from concept design to market realisation in the most cost effective and time efficient path possible. To meet the challenges of our customers’ unique operating environments, a complete understanding of complex electomechanical response is required. Working with CADFEM we have created an ANSYS driven coupling of magnetic fields with structural and electronic systems which allows for parameter driven design optimization.”

Nick Fox, Research and Development Engineer, Innalabs


innalabs 4

Images courtesy of Innalabs


Through innovation and design, Airsynergy bring renewable, reliable and affordable energy to places previously thought impossible.
Our turbines are designed to output at least 2.5 times the energy generated from traditional designs, and operate in conditions which are not usually viable. Our design engineers use ANSYS FEA and CFD to arrive at the most efficient and reliable designs. In partnership with CADFEM Ireland, we have been able to integrate the software seamlessly into our design process, maximising the efficiency of our product development process.
David Smyth – Head of Research and Development


CFD FEA simulation of Inferior vena cava filter device

Novate Medical are developing the world’s first bio-convertible Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filter, designed to protect patients at transient risk of pulmonary embolism (PE). Novate are currently enrolling patients for an IDE clinical trial in the U.S. Our close working relationship with CADFEM has allowed us to use their expertise with the ANSYS suite, to drive the design process in a cost efficient and timely manner. CADFEM’s expertise with Finite Element Analysis has been instrumental to Novate in designing a robust vascular implant that can withstand the in vivo cyclical fatigue loading conditions generated in the IVC throughout the lifetime of the device. Additionally Novate have leveraged CADFEM’s expertise with Computational Fluid Dynamics to optimise the hemodynamic performance of the filter geometry through blood flow simulations in the IVC. Data generated from CADFEM simulations has been used by Novate for regulatory submissions with the FDA.

Damien Ryan – Senior R&D Engineer


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