Meet CADFEM, Institute of Technology Tallaght, CorinthianSafety at booth 21 - FEA, CFD and Explicit Dynamics

Meet CADFEM, Institute of Technology Tallaght, CorinthianSafety at booth 21

The World Congress of Biomechanics is the premier meeting worldwide in its field. Many of the main international biomechanics societies will fold their 2018 annual meetings into the 2018 World Congress, hence you can expect to meet many of your colleagues in Dublin.

CADFEM have extensive experiences in biomedical simulation. Our engineers and expertise have supported many world-leading bio-medical companies, as well as academic and medical institutions since 1998. Please meet us in the exhibition at the CADFEM booth, no 21. 

We are very pleased to recommend the poster presentation by Institute of Technology Tallaght Dublin, our partners, on 10th July. Please meet us at The Forum, Ground Floor.
645 Title: Investigation of the relationship between impact direction and principal strain within the brain. P2210  
Presenter: Stephen Tiernan. Institute of Technology Tallaght Dublin.
Authors: Stephen Tiernan, Gary Byrne, Derek Sweeney, Michael Power
Session: Head impact biomechanics and head protection Tuesday, 10th July. The Forum, Ground Floor. 

Global Human Body Consortium – Head Model IT Tallaght
Download the Poster here.
For more information about biomedical simulation and to fix an appointment with us at the Congress, please contact Barbara Leichtenstern

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Methodology: How does the brain react depending on the impact area and direction?

Image courtesy of Institute of Technology Tallaght


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