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ANSYS, Inc. and CADFEM are pleased to announce that ANSYS 2019 R1  is now available for our customers to download from the ANSYS customer portal.

Talk to your CADFEM Support and check out the ANSYS portal, learn about the many enhancements in 2019 R1:

  • Solution Combination allows you to combine linear results from static structural, harmonic response and transient structural analyses, within the Mechanical window, as simple additions or subtractions or as SRSS combinations.
  • Part Transformations allow you to move bodies in Mechanical, without the need to edit the geometry in the originating CAD system.
  • New Energy Probes and Energy Trackers are available in Explicit Dynamics, along with an Analysis Settings worksheet.
  • Keyframe animations can be created by animating a series of snapshots in the Mechanical window, allowing the creation of “fly-by” movies.
  • Mechanical simulation templates can be created, since the Mechanical window can now be opened without a geometry being attached.
  • The Project object in the Mechanical window now has an asterisk next to it, to remind you when the database needs to be saved.
  • The Mechanical database can now be saved independently of saving the project.
  • The title under an analysis system in the Workbench Project window can now wrap to multiple lines.
  • Semi-implicit method. The solver automatically switches between implicit and explicit methods for complex problems that are hard converge.
  • 2019 R1 has all the features that are available in the old AQWA user interface, along with a tool to read legacy AQWA models and bring them into the ANSYS AQWA User interface.

Please click here to view a video of the new features and capabilities for ANSYS Mechanical 2019 R1

Full ANSYS 2019 R1 Capabilities Chart

Please download your new release of ANSYS. If you encounter any difficulties with the download, or if you have questions concerning the new release and your use of ANSYS, please contact your CADFEM Support:

We look forward to hearing from you!

The CADFEM UK & Ireland Teams

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