Introduction to ANSYS AIM - FEA, CFD and Explicit Dynamics

Introduction to ANSYS AIM

This course is intended for engineers who want to include simulation in their work process but also for existing ANSYS users who want to learn how to efficiently perform multi-physics simulation. Learn how to solve engineering problems across a wide variety of fields, unconstrained to a specific physics discipline.


A technical education and understanding of engineering calculations are recommended. An engineering degree is not required.

Target Audience: Engineers and Designers

Teaching Method: This course focuses on teaching practical skills via hands-on sessions and tutorials. A training certificate is provided to all attendees who complete the course.


2 Days

Course Aims

Teach the basics of performing simulation in ANSYS AIM via following topics:

  • ANSYS AIM user interface
  • Workflow for setting up and solving engineering simulation
  • Creating, importing and editing geometry
  • Meshing solid models
  • Setting up physics environment for a variety of disciplines
  • Structural stress, modal and thermal analyses
  • Steady-state fluid flow analysis
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer analysis
  • Multi-physics analysis
  • Setting-up parametric analysis
  • Using scripting and automating analysis process
Course Material

Training manuals and all workshop files used during the course are provided to all attendees.

Included in Course Fee
  • All training material
  • Light refreshments during both days
  • Lunches on both days


ANSYS, Simulation, Software, FEM, CAE