ANSYS Advanced Contact & Fasteners Training Course

Advanced Contact & Fasteners

The ANSYS Advanced Contact & Fasteners training course is designed for people who wish to fully understand and analyse the contact nonlinear phenomena in the ANSYS environment. Attendees should be familiar with iterative solution techniques in ANSYS and have performed simple contact analyses as encountered in the Basic Structural nonlinearities course.

Each course topic is followed by hands on workshops and exercises.

The course is run in an interactive format over two days and includes many worked examples.


2 Days

Course Aims

Teach the basics of ANSYS in the following areas:

  • Take full advantage of all the capabilities of the ANSYS contact elements
  • Select the appropriate contact element, element options and characteristics for an efficient solution
  • Diagnose and correct convergence problems
  • Use contact elements in multiphysics applications
  • Validate the results from a contract analysis
Topics covered
  • ANSYS contact element overview
  • Evaluating contact stiffness and its effect on the solution convergence
  • Surface behaviours
  • Contact Detection
  • Friction
  • Advanced rigid targets (covering all the KEYOPT and REAL constant settings for these elements)
  • Creating contact elements without the Wizard
  • Initial Interference
  • Dealing with rigid body motion
  • Asymmetric versus Symmetric
  • Miscellaneous Adjustments
  • Troubleshooting contact problems
  • Multipoint Constraint (MPC)
  • Node-to-node contact elements
  • Contact in Multiphysics simulations – structural, thermal, electric conduction and electrostatic
  • Bolt pretensioning
  • Spot Welds
  • Gasket Material
  • Cohesive Zone Modeling
Course Material

Training manuals are provided to all course attendees. The training manual is an exact copy of the material used during the two day course. Worked examples are fully documented in a Workshop Supplement which is also provided. Copies of all workshop files are also available to enable course attendees re-analyse course examples following completion of the Introduction to ANSYS Course.

Included in Course Fee
  • All training material
  • Light refreshments during both days
  • Lunches on both days



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